Pathlight Magazine

Sense of Place

This issue of Pathlight magazine features stories and poetry that are rooted in a particular place – a city, a village, an apartment – or in which a place is a character in its own right. <say more here>

Online exclusive: Tse Hao Guang on translating Zhou Jianing.

Old Zhao Two-Times
Dong Xi
tr. Dylan Levi King
Dressing Up
Wei Wei
tr. Poppy Toland
To Shenyang, to See Snow
Diao Dou
tr. Roddy Flagg
Li Yuansheng
tr. Emily Goedde
Lü Yue
tr. Karmia Olutade
The Leopard Keeper
Chai Chunya
tr. Dong Li
To Longtang with a Bamboo Sword
Lin Sen
tr. Jim Weldon
Going to Tang Village to Build a Coffin
Cao Kou
tr. Canaan Morse
Mr Zhang San Tours This City by Bus
Zhou Zan
tr. Jennifer Wong
Graduation Trip
Zhou Jianing
tr. Tse Hao Guang
Shen Danqi
tr. Dave Haysom
Songs in the Night
Ji Dongliang
tr. Luisetta Mudie